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  • SINGLE CHARGING ADAPTER PRODUCT OFFER PRICE                 -     Rs. 499/- ONWARD                                                                                                                                                       (Rs 109.16 GST INCLUDED)
  • SINGLE USB DATA CABLE PRODUCT OFFER PRICE                          -     Rs. 199/- ONWARD                                                                                                                                                       (Rs 43.54 GST INCLUDED)
  • COMPLETE SMART MOBILE CHARGER PRODUCT OFFER PRICE    -    Rs. 599/- ONWARD                                                                                                                                                       (Rs 131.04 GST INCLUDED)
  • PLAN 1- AD POSTING JOB SERVICE PRICE      -     Rs. 1399/- ONWARD (MOBILE CHARGER  INCLUDED)                                                                                                                                                  (Rs 391.72 GST INCLUDED)
  • PLAN 2- WHATSAPP JOB SERVICE PRICE           -     Rs. 1199/- ONWARD (MOBILE CHARGER  INCLUDED)                                                                                                                                                   (Rs 335.72 GST INCLUDED)
  • PLAN 3- SMS SENDING JOB SERVICE PRICE      -     Rs. 1099/- ONWARD (MOBILE CHARGER  INCLUDED)                                                                                                   (Rs 307.72 GST INCLUDED)
  • PLAN 4- EMAIL SENDING JOB SERVICE PRICE   -     Rs. 999/- ONWARD (MOBILE CHARGER  INCLUDED)                                                                                                  (Rs 279.72 GST INCLUDED)
  • PLAN 5- FRANCHISE SERVICE PRICE                -     Rs. 14000/- ONWARD (MOBILE CHARGER  INCLUDED)                                                                                                            (Rs 3062.50 GST INCLUDED)   


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1. Do not pay service price in any other account. Only pay the amount above mention company account only. Otherwise you will not get any product or service.

Name and Mobile number of the new joining person must be written on payment receipt top page. 

2. Kindly attach the bank receipt or cyber slip or online transaction slip, along with full filled registration form then send soft copy to company mail id - 




                                             PAYMENT MODE :

  • Online payment available for registration- after making online payment just send snap shot of transaction page to company mail id for getting new registration form for agreement.


  • You can make payment from your own bank account. All you will have to do, is - Go to your bank with your pass book and cheque book if you have, otherwise Ask for "DEPOSITE SLIP" . Fill it up and also  fill up "NEFT" challan form. Hand over both forms in the bank counter, your job is done. This will save time and bank charges.

                              REGISTRATION FORM :

  • The New Registration form will be mailed to you by our associates (Employers) after deposition of the service amount either you can get directly from company.

Head Office Address :

468, Ward No 12, A – Block, Near ICICI Bank Padampur, Sriganganagar,

Rajasthan - 335041, India

  • Do not meet any persons directly due to given workload for all over India. So not possible for direct meet with our all employees.
  • All works issued and submitted via through mail support only.
  • You will get any details and any query contact our company mail id and our PRO Officers..
  • We will assist back you within 24 hours on this help line. (For office working days and working time only). 

For Further Queries :
For any kind of help contact to our Public Relation Officer (PRO) by mail support only- (if necessary we will call back you between 10.00 AM to 5 PM only)